Trevor Mason

Founder & CEO

     At Lux Mason Marketing & Media, our goal is to help Real Estate Agents leverage as much of their time as possible, and be able to run a successful business. A happy life is one where you have enough time, money, and freedom. But what is a successful business you might ask?

    Success to me is when you can earn a comfortable living, enjoy your work, and have low stress and plenty of free time to enjoy all the other things life has to offer. Our goal at Lux Mason is to help real estate agents specifically, reach their goals. We want you to be able to stay in touch with your clients, get more deals, and also help you sell your listings with a high level of professionalism. "Success is simple, not easy" - and we are here to help you achieve success, simply. It is also very important that our employees here are Lux Mason can also achieve the same goal, which is why we have a heavy focus on mental health and setting boundaries. We take regular breaks and have open conversations daily about our workload. We want to provide top of the line service to our clients, but also ensure that we're not stretching ourselves too thin. When you are not overworked, you are able to deliver a higher level of service which is what we strive for. This also means setting boundaries, which is why we communicate our processes thoroughly.