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Send a professional newsletter to your database monthly,
and become a resource of real estate knowledge to your peers.


Save your time

We'll do the bulk work of creating a professional newsletter for you. All you have to do it is add it to your CRM and hit send.

Grow your business by staying top of mind

Stay in front of your audience at all times, with interesting and helpful local content.

Ability to customize

Depending on your CRM / Mailing system, you can add or edit elements of the newsletter to your liking.

Monthly touches

That's 12 opportunities per year to make a connection with your audience!


 1. Design 

We'll start by designing a newsletter with relevant real estate news, facts, home trends, and home maintenance tips.

 2. Download code 

Once our design is ready each month, we will send you the code to download and input into your CRM/Mailing service. Adding it to your email service is usually as simple as copy/paste or upload.

 3. Option to customize 

At this stage your newsletter template is uploaded and ready to go. You may now add extra things if you would like, or send it as it is!

 4. Time to Send! 

Your newsletter is complete! Time to create a list of people to send the newsletter out to, and now you've got a monthly touch to each of your contacts.

*Note: We recommend you send this email through mailchimp as we know it is compatible with HTML.

Of course other email applications work great as long as they are compatible with HTML.

Mailchimp accounts are free as long as you have less than 2,500 contacts.

We can help you set this up if you do not have an account already!

You control the posting

$50 per month

no commitment, month to month subscription

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