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Real Estate is my passion. What better way to earn income when you have a tangible product that produces 5 different ways. 1. Cash Flow, 2. Appreciation, 3. Tax Benefits, 4. Debt Paydown, 5. Commissions (Because I'm a realtor). I get to help others learn how to build portfolios for their own legacies, build passive income, provide opportunity on many levels. I love passing the keys to the new home owners of those looking to occupy their purchases. What a cool feeling when I get to do a really good job helping clients sell their homes with the least amount of hassles, in the timeframe they desire for the most amount possible through marketing that is above the rest. Providing a personal staging consult, hiring professionals who take great pictures, providing 3D imaging and floor plans are more than imaginable.... they are expressed in a visual format that is interactive. We do video walkthroughs and drone photography. We want to make it as easy as possible for the buyers to see the home for exactly what it is and hopefully put their best foot forward in the form of a great offer.

Its the personal touch and relationships we develop with our clients to help make the best experience while selling (or buying) a home.

Hiring The Marphis Team is like brining someone who cares about doing the best job while listening to your needs and giving you the truth rather than the sugar coated version of the truth. Our clients love our honesty, becaues they know we are on their team and only have their best interest at heart.

Ginger Marphis

The Marphis Team




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