Are you an agent who's thriving online and has a strong presence? If not, then our social media marketing plans are perfect for you! The online world is the new norm, and these programs keep your business relevant and top of mind. In 2019, 35% of people found their real estate agent online (according to NAR). That means if you aren't present online, you're missing out on 35% of opportunities. Can people find you online? Will they be impressed by what they see? Will they trust that you could take care of them better than someone else? Will they even contact you? These are all questions to consider when thinking about the future of your business. Let us help you stay current.

We offer social media plans for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn

Choose whether you would like our social media plan on one platform of your choice, or add additional platforms for more coverage.

Lux Mason Social Media Plans

Posts provide consistent touches to your sphere on Facebook and keep you top of mind and constantly showing up in peoples feeds. Social media posts are meant to be engaging, typically asking questions, mostly real estate related.

  • 3 posts per week to your account of choice.

  • Unlimited Just Listed, Just Sold, and Open House graphics upon request.

Single Platform

per month

2 Platforms

per month

3 Platforms

per month

*Note: multiple platforms receive the same posts, you're just extending your reach to multiple platforms instead of one.

Social Media Post Examples


Why Social Media Matters

You might be sitting here asking yourself, why on earth does my business need to have presence on social media? The reason is simple. As technology has advanced over the years and more and more things have converted to being partially digital, and some things completely digital, we see that the amount of people online in general has risen. People from the comfort of their home can now buy everything they ever wanted and have it delivered to their front door without having to leave their home. The internet has immense potential and with the introduction of smart phones, just about everyone uses it daily.


Social media is important in this process because it has become the go to for people to connect with others. This gives you a huge opportunity to build relationships with your clients, and future clients, all at once. Think about it in terms of door knocking. You could door knock 500 homes and spend all day doing it, which is great! However, the term work smarter not harder comes to mind, so how could we be smarter with our time?  We could just send 500 mailers to the neighborhood right? Times are changing though and many people don't answer their doors anymore, and physically mailing you really read any advertisements you get in the mail? Statistics have told us that most people throw it immediately in the trash without even reading it, and that mailer cost you money! This is where social media becomes the smarter choice. Your clients are most likely on social media, and this gives you an amazing opportunity to stay connected with them on a higher level than ever. You can see glimpses into their life that they share online but wouldn't necessarily call you individually to tell you about, and this means its the same for you. They see you, and can connect with you. The ability to interact with your entire database daily means building stronger relationships with more people at once, with less effort than ever before. It seems really simple right?

The truth is, yes it is pretty simple, however there is another part of social media that makes it more complex. The complex part is algorithms. Social media platforms are a business, and they make money when people use the program, so naturally they're going to do whatever they have to keep people using their websites. Social media has become so huge that there is an unlimited amount of content available for viewers to see. However, not everyone wants to see just anything. So to keep people on social media, they invented algorithms. These algorithms learn about you as you use the platform. It shows you stuff first from the people it thinks you care about, and doesn't show you things from people who you barely know. Ever talked about something like dog food and then an hour later you're scrolling through Facebook and you see an ad for some dog food? It sounds scary at first that technology has become so advanced that it LISTENS to you and gathers information about you. I see this differently though, I see this as totally awesome, to put it simple terms. We now can find the things we actually CARE to find because instead of weeding through endless amounts of content, they just put what we want in front of us! If that isn't amazing customer service, I don't know what is. Okay, back to the algorithms. So, Facebook only shows you what you care about right? So how does it decide? Well, there are rules to the algorithms that get more people seeing your content. This is where our social media program comes in. We help you beat the algorithm so that more people are seeing your face, and your business. We offer options that include a low level of activity on your part, and some that offer a little more engagement. Find out which program might be right for you by sending us an email at

Just for fun, here are some statistics about social media:

​According to the Pew Research Center,

  • 7 in 10 adults in the United States are on Facebook.

  • 51% of Facebook users visit the site or use their app several times a day.

  • 67% of Instagram users are under 30. 

Consumer habits show that the majority of American's check a brand's social media and web presence before deciding to work with them. Is your social media presence relevant?