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Trevor Mason

Founder & CEO

       Trevor Mason is the Founder & CEO of Lux Mason Marketing. He has a background in Business Marketing in the real estate industry and is a self-taught Graphic Artist and Photographer. He has a passion for creative design and building close relationships has always been extremely important to him. Trevor was born on July 30th, 1991, and spent most of his life living in the small town of Klamath Falls, OR. In July 2017 he moved to Reno, Nevada to begin working in the real estate industry. After working in the industry for awhile, marketing, photography, and design quickly revealed themselves as his passion and he set out to find the opportunity to do so. For Trevor's full personal story, please view below:


Trevor Mason - Founder & CEO

Lead Photographer / Videographer 

     -  "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Trevor Mason and I am the Founder & CEO of Lux Mason Marketing. Owning a business has always been something that I have wanted to do ever since I quit my very first job as a "bag boy" at a grocery store in my hometown of Klamath Falls, OR. I decided that I knew I could do more with my life and I went to college at Western Oregon University. Graphic design and art were something I was always interested in, but I was scared to spend a large amount of money on a degree that wouldn't allow me to do many things if art didn't work out. I ended up changing my path and graduating with a Bachelors of Business in the Spring of 2017, but was able to attend some art classes during my journey. Achieving a degree in business taught me so much about corporations, small businesses, and what work life should and shouldn't be. I had already experienced what work life shouldn't be in my

first job, as it was a very uncomfortable environment, with unachievable expectations, and nothing but being talked down to. I can say if I took one thing away from my education it is that I learned what it meant to be a leader, and not a boss. Ever since I graduated with my degree I have worked up in my career and gained more experience in the workplace. Since my time as a bag boy, I have had a few jobs. Some that reminded me of the horrors of corporations, and some that gave me motivation to create a business of my own with a similar environment. Now is that time for me to begin this journey and I couldn't be more anxious and excited.

       How did I end up doing marketing, photography, and social media you might ask? Sometimes what you're doing for fun, ends up actually becoming your career later in life. Growing up I spent A LOT of time hidden in my room and on the computer. Back in the days of MySpace, you better believe that my profile was the most unique and customized thing you had ever seen. This is what helped launch me into self teaching myself Photoshop and a little bit of HTML. Once MySpace was no longer relevant and we all moved to Facebook in 2008, I quickly adapted to the new platform, but was missing the ability to make a uniquely designed profile like I did on MySpace. To fulfill this artistic craving, I started doing photo manipulation and I offered to do it to all of my friends photos, and weirdly enough, it caught traction and at times I had waiting lists of people wanting me to edit their photos into something beautiful or maybe something fun or unrealistic. If you find me on Facebook, you can still see this album of over 100 photos to this day. Are they the best edited photos? No, but that was over 10 years ago, and photo manipulation was so new, it was not as well known as it is now and the term "Photoshopping" had just come into existence. The point of me telling you about this is that this was something that I did for fun, for free, and something I enjoyed. I had no idea that one day in the future I would be using the programs I taught myself to use in high school, as one of the most important skills in my career. All the time I spent on social media helped me become an expert at how to run a social media account, find out what is trending, and why people are there in the first place. The client relations part? Well, I just tend to get along with everyone so I mixed the two together, and there you have it.

       If you read my entire story I really appreciate that you took the time to get to know me even through just a small snippet of my life. If you are a person who is struggling with finding their career path, I hope that my story inspires you. Remember that even if you didn't drop everything to do what you love back when you might have been younger, you can still do that later in life, no matter what stage."

Hannah Koomen

Social Media Specialist

     Hannah is the head of our social media department. Whenever someone signs up for social media management, they will be put in contact with Hannah. She is responsible for running social media accounts, as well as creating and designing the graphics that will be posted. She also heads the unlimited flyer program and creates those personalized graphics for agents. For Hannah's bio see below:

Hannah Portrait Transparent.png

Hannah Koomen

Social Media Specialist

     -  "Hello, my name is Hannah Koomen and I am the Social Media Specialist at Lux Mason Marketing. I was born and raised in Klamath Falls, Oregon and still currently reside here! While I am new to Lux Mason I have spent 15 years in the financial service industry at a local Credit Union, and have always had a passion for the Real Estate Market Business. After working at the same place for 15 years I felt like I was ready for a change and am blessed to have the opportunity to work with Lux Mason alongside my brother Trevor. I am married with four wonderful children that keep me very busy, but fill my life with joy. When I'm not working I enjoy being outside as much as I can. I enjoy camping, volleyball, sledding in the winter and traveling with my family exploring new adventures together. I am excited to see what is to come for me with Lux Mason and the potential for growth and opportunity, and I look forward to working with you all."

Christian Cojoc


Christian joined us back in June of 2023 as another photographer. He specializes in shooting real estate and also event photography. Additionally, he is involved in many of our video projects and occasionally does some editing for us as well.

Christian Cojoc

Real Estate Photographer

     -  "Hello, My name is Christian Cojoc and I am a photographer with the Lux Mason team. I am 21 years old, I know, very young, but I have a lot of passion for the industry. I enjoy all types of photography and I'm excited to improve my skillset with the Lux Mason team. My father is also a photographer, but not in the real estate industry per say, and he started my interest in photography. I was born in Tahoe but moved to Reno when I was in high school, and have been here ever since. Doing real estate photography has allowed me to see parts of the area that I would have never explored on my own, which is a cool aspect of working in this industry. In my free time I love to play Tennis and explore the outdoors. I love challenging myself and learning new styles of photography or new skills such as videography. I look forward to working with many of you in the future!"

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