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Frequently Asked Questions

Real Estate Photography & Video FAQ

What is the turnaround time for listing photography & video?

Real Estate listing photos are guaranteed next day delivery, often sent the next morning before 10:00 am. You will receive an email with a link to view, pay for, and download your images. If you have video files they will be sent separately. Turn around time may vary for video projects, depending on the complexity and size of property. Typically video is sent within 48-72 hours.

How and when do I pay for my listing photos?

Listing photos are paid for at download. You will receive an email link to access all of your content. After logging into your account, it will ask for payment in order to be able to download your materials. Once paid, the content will unlock and you will be able to download it freely.

How do I add drone photos or twilights to my listing package?

When you go to book your appointment on our website, after selecting the real estate photography package that matches the square footage of your listing, you will be taken to an add-ons page where you will find a multitude of different types of media to market your listing.

What is the best time to book photography for my listing?

There are multiple variables to take into account when booking your appointment, for the best possible quality of photos. If you're more concerned about showing off the front exterior, you want to book when the sun is facing the front of the home to avoid harsh shadows. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, so if the home faces north or south, you might just want to book when the sun is highest in the sky (typically high noon depending on the time of year). If you're really focused on showing off the interior of the home, high noon is the best time, as there will be less harsh light coming through the windows. If the exterior is the most captivating part, then focus on a time where the front or back (whichever you want to highlight best) has the sun facing it.

It's cloudy today, I'm worried if I should reschedule?

As long as it isn't raining or snowing, cloudy weather is actually the best weather for real estate photography. The reason is because clouds act as a natural diffuser of light - meaning the harsh shadows that could appear on your home will be less harsh. This helps for both interior and exterior photos, as often roofing or exterior architecture will leave harsh shadows along the home, and when interior, windows will often have harsh light coming through them, leaving bright light on floors and shiny surfaces. The sky can always be made to look sunny in the editing process, so never cancel a listing photography appointment because it is cloudy. When the sun hides, its your time to shine.

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